Hey officely - is there a way (or could there be a...
# officely-features
Hey officely - is there a way (or could there be a way?) of adding additional broadcast messages (e.g Friday afternoon) for the week ahead as well as the day before? We want to encourage office attendence and booking in advance, and I think the more notice people have that their friends are going in the better. We love the day before broadcast, but for some who are a bit further out of the location of the office, even the day before can be a bit last min. I know people can just click on the app at the bottom of slack, but I wondered if there was a way of automating a broadcast of this too?
Hey @Olivia Royce thanks so much for reaching out! Great question. This may not exactly fulfil for what you're asking for just yet, however I believe the announcements and notices features that we will be releasing soon may partially solve this for you and will help to encourage employee attendance? With those features you'll be able to share what will be happening in the up and coming week and add notices to each day so employees will be able to see what's happening prior to booking in? And if you have any special guests visiting you'll be able to add them to the notice prior to that day (a week before) or whenever you wish. We'll keep your feedback in mind however as we build our future features. Thank you Olivia ☀️