Hey <!channel>, Today we released a new feature c...
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Hey <!channel>, Today we released a new feature called 'Vaccination Certificates & Test Results'. It is designed to help those of you that need to ensure everyone coming into the office is fully vaccinated or has submitted a negative test result. By default, this feature is DISABLED. For offices wishing to use it you can head to health controls to enable it. If you want to learn more, you can click on this article here 🤗 Have a great day!
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Thank you!!
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hey @Kristina Semcenko a few questions: 1. in the case of proof of vaccination, are the employee asked to upload just once or every visit? 2. where are the files (which are pretty sensitive in nature) stored?
Hey @Shannon Wiggen 1. Yes just once 🤩 2. Everything lives in slack, so it's all secure and stored safely