Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday! We are so happy to a...
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Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday! We are so happy to announce that our new feature “*Office Insights*” is live! With this feature you can: 🟣 Find out when, why and how often your employees come into the office. 🟣 Discover which days are most popular with your overall office. 🟣 Get trends, export data, and deep dive into how office attendance impacts your business. Here’s an article on how to get started 🎉 Happy to receive any feedback you may have 🤗
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this is great - i usually download this data and make a much less pretty version of this for my operations meeting each month!
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is it possible to get a filter toggle on each of the categories so i can filter from highest to lowest?
i can download the csv and do it that way, but wondering if i can keep it in the officely insights page as it looks nicer / would be better for my meetings. we track days for all offices and have a minimum of 2 days a week for all staff required, so the insights downloads have been v helpful.
Hey @Bella, thanks for the feedback much appreciated 🤗 Unfortunately it is not currently possible to filter but it’s something that we are keeping in mind for the future!