Couple of questios :slightly_smiling_face: 1. When...
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Couple of questios 🙂 1. When i Export data from this page (view=all users) no data is exported for Shaun even though Officely shows that he has been to the office twice in the last four weeks. Why is that? 2. What is the logic for whether it shows “Send invite?” on this page? For most it’s that there is no data so I assume it means they haven’t installed officely in slack? But again, Shaun has been to the office according to the data but I still saw the “Send Invite?” option
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Thanks so much Rob, looking into this now
Hey @Rob Long just heard back from the team: So Officely is actually available to everyone the first time you install it. Even though Officely doesn’t show up on people’s side bar until you invite them, if someone knows to look for it, they can still search for it and start using it before you’ve invited them (we can’t stop this behavior because it’s how slack-apps work)
When this happens, it can sometime cause inconsistencies within the app. In your case, we won’t know for sure what’s happening until we investigate further, however, it’s likely that this edge case has occurred