We have tried to encourage colleagues to set their...
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We have tried to encourage colleagues to set their favorite neighborhood as well as set the one-click booking neighborhood but we still have a situation where some of them are still just booking in and getting put into the first neighborhood on the list, filling it up so others think there's no space. Is there any way a team's default neighborhood can be used as an individual of that team's default?
Hey @Matt King thanks so much for reaching out I'm so sorry about that. We have found that the best solution for employees who are being booked into the wrong neighbourhoods is to clear their office Routine and add a new one with the correct neighbourhood. This will ensure they get booked into the right neighbourhoods 🤗 so all they need to do is head to Manage Routines and clear their Routines and add the new Routines 🙏 Let me know if you'd like any further help with this