Hey officely, we're trying to ensure our office ca...
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Hey officely, we're trying to ensure our office capacity is managed in Berlin next week and having trouble thats meant we're resulting to using a spreadsheet instead 1. We can see all names for Wednesday next week, but not Tuesday 2. Tuesday says there are 11 signed up, but we can only see 10 names, and without 'see all names' we can't see the 11th person 3. Thursday says there's 12 people booked in, we can only see 9 Signing people up / deregistering them via the 'more actions' part is quite a long process + easy to accidentally click out of and have to start again as the box size changes at each stage can you help? 🙏
Heyyy @Bella thanks so much for reaching out! I'm so sorry about this 😭 I've let the engineering team know. I'll reach out as soon as we've implemented a fix. For now, would you be ok exporting future data in Insights to get the access to the the full attendee list until we fix this?