Hey everyone :wave: How has everyone found managi...
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Hey everyone 👋 How has everyone found managing more social / informal events with a transition back to "in person"? I hosted a pizza party for my team this week that was half in person (6 people in the office) and half remote (5 people on Zoom) and it was a bit awkward / difficult at times 🙈 Has anyone got any tips for catering for a Hybrid team?
Hi there! We've heard this a lot from teams too. Is there anyway the whole team can be in the office at the same time? We haven't found any good way to make split events not awkward. If you have capacity issues, you can split into two events, team A one week and team B the next.
I haven’t tried this yet but I feel like anything over 5-6 gets awkward with “who’s talking next” … could you still do “breakout rooms” with 2 people in person and 2 people remote and give them 3-4 icebreaker topics that they can run through if they need some convo starters?
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We haven't found a great way to do this so we've continued to do both in person events and virtual events. Sometimes people are in the office during a virtual event and they use their own laptops to connect. That is the best we've found so far.