Excited to share an invitation for you all to join...
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Excited to share an invitation for you all to join our virtual panel discussion with some exciting members of the hybrid work community! 💡 The office comeback: How to make the most of your office and get your team excited to return You’ve adopted a hybrid work model, but your team is unsure about returning to the office. We all agree ultimatums aren’t productive, so what’s next? Join Officely + Hubble on Tuesday, 7 June for a panel discussion on how to balance flexibility and in-person collaboration. We’ll hear strategies from leading companies, like Thriva Health and SourceBreaker, on how they support their employees and bring teams back into the office organically. Attendees will leave with actionable ideas and a community to continue the discussion with. 📆 Tuesday 7 June, 1-2pm BST 👥 Panelists: • Gabriela Matias, VP of People, Thriva • Adam Dale, CRO, SourceBreaker • Joe Batten, Head of Commercial Ops, Hubble 🎫 Register here: https://hello.getofficely.com/june7_event If you’re not able to attend live, register and we’ll share the recording after the event!
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Would it be possible to listen to the recording? I just saw it so I didn't get a chance to register. Thanks!
@Maria Scarzella Thorpe Yes! You can view the recording on the landing page: https://hello.getofficely.com/june7_event