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09/22/2021, 4:10 PM
Hey all! A general question on hybrid work, and I would like to pick some brains on workplace wellbeing strategies. We're currently auditing our offering to all staff - for example, ensuring that the US teams get equal opportunities and support to our European. I was wondering if anyone has a post-Covid wellbeing strategy they'd like to share? Previously we offered yoga for staff on Mondays, healthy lunches, volunteer days etc, but have found with hybrid working it's a little harder to navigate. Some ideas we're floating and trialling at the moment: • access to therapy ◦ we enquired to some slack integrated therapy services but have found that our staff are happier choosing their own provider, and we can financially support this where possible • access to healthcare and dental care ◦ our US teams have chosen healthcare providers, and our European teams have expressed interest in this. Does anyone have any tips on where to start looking for providers? • mental health days as opposed to sick days ◦ we're pretty good at this anyway w flexible working policies, but interested to know what other office policies include and look like! • ensuring staff use holiday ◦ making sure people take enough time off to recharge ◦ especially those who have accrued lots over furlough • organised team days / lunches in office to boost morale / internal culture ◦ officely has been great for this! is there anything your operations and wellbeing teams are focussing on? what's a priority for your teams right now? thanks! 💆


09/22/2021, 11:45 PM
Hey @Bella, really interesting thread! On your final point, we're seeing a lot of businesses organise events like this to get people back together. I think the key, in these early days, is to make them low-key no-pressure events like lunches, morning yoga, drinks after work etc. So that people don't feel any pressure to attend if they don't feel comfortable, but for those that want to get out of the house and see their colleagues again, they are available.

Jody Kitcher

10/05/2021, 4:52 PM
I will say we have some of almost all of these right now • Access to therapy - We reworked our gym reimbursement to be a wellness reimbursement so people can use to for mental health services as well. Our PEO also offers 1 year of Talkspace for employees. • Mental Health Days - We had these specifically previously but when we went to Flexible Time Off they just kind of got rolled in to our unlimited PTO. It might be worth us calling them out again. • Holidays/Time Off - People haven't been using time off so we've been taking the initiative and adding additional holidays to our calendar where we can. Extending long weekends, summer fridays, adding a week off when the team is stressed. I know this won't work for everyone or every org but as much as we told people to take time off we just found they weren't taking it so we took things into our own hands. • We've been trying as much as we can to still have these morale boosting events but I will say it has been challenging but we keep trying different things. If anyone has more suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Zenia Worm Francker

10/10/2021, 7:36 AM (350 people team across 4 offices uses to organise dinners among employees in private homes across departments. Very affordable, very simple as it is organised on company Slack and people attending love it 🥰)


10/12/2021, 4:16 PM
ah great - thanks both! love your ideas about time off, too Jody. Some great ideas I'll be mentioning to the team. Thanks ☺️