Hey - just wondering how anyone has managed having...
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Hey - just wondering how anyone has managed having fire marshalls in hybrid working? We used to have HR and office manager as fire marshalls but now with our hybrid approach those people aren't always in
We’ve recruited more people to act as Fire Marshalls and are training up more First Aiders. This increases the likelihood of cover being available. If needs be, we can also call on the building Management team (as we lease units in a managed office block).
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Hi, thanks to the Officely data, I have approached employees who are regular uses of the office space and recruited them as FM and FA’s. You will note in Slack, that you can add an emoji to your slack status and have suggested to employees who are trained as FM’s or FA’s to add the appropriate emoji to their status when working from the office. So for example an FM trained employee could add this symbol 🧑‍🚒.