Hi All - does anyone have any tips or guidance on ...
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Hi All - does anyone have any tips or guidance on how to optimise hybrid meetings over Zoom / Teams etc? i.e. with some people in the office and some remote. Iā€™m wondering about kit set-up etc.
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At my office we have what we call Zoom Rooms. So We have a conference room for in person, but there also is a TV with a webcam to meet with remote people! https://zoom.us/zoomrooms
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not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but I am just writing our Hybrid policy and am including a "one person, one camera" policy with the rule that if any remote person is on the meeting everyone has a camera. Also, if there are multiple people in a room everyone but one person puts their speakers on mute and the unmuted person connects to a speaker so that all voices are coming through one device rather than overlapping and getting feedback.
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