Random Internet/Hybrid question. When the pandemic...
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Random Internet/Hybrid question. When the pandemic started and our office closed causing employees to have to work from home, we paid an internet stipend to support remote work needs. Not that we are re-opening and offering a hybrid way of working, there is much discussion on whether to keep offering the stipend since employees do have the option of coming to the office and we have very good internet here. Anyone else have to make a decision on the right thing to do in this situation? What did you do!?
Haven't run into this yet but we've taken the approach of applying cost savings from a smaller office post-covid to the wfh benefits. Are you in the same size office as before? Any cost savings from having the team partially remote that you can reallocate to a wfh stipend?
Yeah...We did implement an internet stipend ($50/month to pay for home internet) and a WFH stipend ($300 for last year ONLY) to set up home offices. Both of those came from savings that we had for things like travel, client dinners, etc. Now we have the HQ open, we just don't know about keeping the Internet stipend since if people don't have great internet, they do have the option to come to the office...