# community-discussion

Hannah Bulmer

07/08/2021, 4:28 PM
We didn't offer an internet stipend, but we did offer allowance for buying a monitor and chair for use at home. We're continuing to offer that in the hybrid world

Jane Layberry

07/09/2021, 7:31 AM
Same as this, no internet stipend, but we did help out folks with shoddy internet with a dongle. We continue to send out IT kits for home for all new hires so monitor, keyboard, mouse and we give small allowance for a desk and a chair if they require it

Jody Kitcher

07/09/2021, 4:12 PM
Similarly we didn't offer anything internet specific but we did do a WFH stipend/reimbursement we mostly thought for home office but if someone would have asked for internet through that I'm sure we would have approved it.