Hi there, I know there’s the feature to Close your...
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Hi there, I know there’s the feature to Close your office but if you have a neighbourhood within your office you want to close temporarily, so no one can sit in that space for a day, is there an option to do that without actually having to delete the neighbourhood?
Hey, not sure if it helps, but you can put the quantity of available desks in that neighborhood on 0 for the time being so it is not bookable but still visible. Or remove the neighborhood completely. You can do this as admin in settings of that particular office.
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Hey @Melanie Munroe - there's not a feature that does that per se but Denise's suggestion is a great one! We're looking at how we improve booking controls for admins as part of our product roadmap and this is great feedback to incorporate so thank you for asking the question! Let me know if there's anything else you're struggling with.