Quick Question! We have a global team using Slack ...
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Quick Question! We have a global team using Slack so that we can communicate, all good there. We are using Officely in the UK (Love it!) Our team over in the US are also using it, is there a way that we can bill separately? We run separate P&L etc so don’t want to be paying for them.
I'm not an Officely staff member, so this is just my thinking. πŸ™‚ I suspect that you'd have to do an internal cross-charge between your UK and US operations to cover the cost.
Hey @Dan Coleman thanks so much for reaching out! πŸ€— So glad you're loving Officely! Thank you 🀩 @Rob Taylor you are right! Unfortunately, there is no way for us to set separate invoices 😞 The way a lot of out existing clients handle this is by back expensing the Officely charge internally. Is that something you can do?
Thanks @Rob Taylor and @Kristina Semcenko Let me speak to the powers that be πŸ™‚ I will feedback!
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