Hi, I have a question/suggestion. Is it possible t...
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Hi, I have a question/suggestion. Is it possible to flag in Officely when company events are happening? For example can I (as the Admin) add social events, office lunches to the calendar the week before so people know when fun stuff is happening? If this currently isn't possible, please make it possible! It would help me tempt people back in! Thanks!
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Hey @Vicky, great suggestion! You can currently do this with Office Extras. Lots of people use them to plan events like lunches and drinks after work. Let me know if that works for you!
Thanks Max. I was aware extras can be booked in like this. However I was hoping a small note could be added to the date on the home screen so everyone can see it when they book in for the week. Such as: Wednesday - 12 Jan (Office drinks after work 🥳_)_
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we use the Notice's feature for this sort of thing! tho it would be good to have it more visible, right rather than when you click on the particular day to book 🙂
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Thanks so much for your feedback ladies, these are really great suggestions!