If someone has failed to submit their survey, even...
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If someone has failed to submit their survey, even after getting the 9am (second) reminder from me, is there a way for me to be notified about that? Or have a message go to that person saying they're not allowed to enter the office?
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I get a notification if someone hasn’t completed the survey & the option to remind them
Hi @Melanie Munroe You can use the overdue notification (which is sent to you) to view who hasn’t yet completed their surveys. This notification also allows you to send reminders to those people and “refresh” your notification message to see an updated list of people. Worked example: you get notified of 3 people who haven’t completed their surveys. You send a reminder to all 3 using the “Send Reminder” button. 15 mins later, 2 have people complete their surveys and the other still hasn’t. You can click “Refresh” to see this updated information and then click “Send Reminder” again to issue another reminder just to that final person who still hasn’t completed their survey. Does that make sense?
I think this makes sense, thanks Rich. I'll test this out tomorrow when I get the above message to send a reminder
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