Hi! Wondering how to set up officely for a situati...
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Hi! Wondering how to set up officely for a situation where there is a "2nd floor category" with two neighborhoods. Total capacity for this floor is 12 people and Neighborhood A and Neighborhood B are reserved separately but I need the totals to balance. So if no one is in Neighborhood A, 12 people can be in Neighborhood B. But if 4 people reserve Neighborhood A, the # of available desks on Neighborhood B needs to automatically be reduced. Is this possible? I can't seem to wrap my head around how to set this up
Hi @Amanda! Unfortunately the capacity is calculated by adding up all the neighbourhoods. So if you have 5 desks in neighbourhood A and 5 desks in neighbourhood B that results in a total capacity of 10. So in your case, I would recommend just having one neighbourhood per floor and then allowing your team to choose where they sit when they come into the office.