# officely-questions

Jen Johnson

07/30/2021, 6:58 PM
If you invite someone to join you, do they receive an alert or notification? Specifically, we have a "meeting room" neighbourhood with only 1 desk but it accommodates 10 ppl. We set it as 1 desk so that only 1 person can book it for the day, but can invite others to join. For contact tracing purposes, how would that work?


08/01/2021, 10:33 PM
Hi @Jen Johnson, are you referring to the 'invite people' button at the top of the home screen? That's for inviting people to use Officely rather than inviting them to a specific office day. In terms of contact tracing, if those individuals have booked other desks in the office they will be included in contact tracing. But if only the person who booked the meeting has booked into the office, only that person will be included in contact tracing. Does that answer your question?