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Hi everyone! Thanks for joining this community. I thought I'd get things kicked off by summarising the key lessons we've learn't reopening over 700 offices now: There are three cornerstones to a successful reopening strategy: 1. Capacity Management Restricting the number of people in the office each day to ensure physical distancing. It's difficult to provide specific advice to what this number should be for you because so much depends on your floor layout and how constrained your common areas are. However the majority of our clients are restricting capacity to 25-50% of their pre-covid capacity. 2. Health Surveys Each employee that is going into the office must complete a health survey before they go in to confirm they are not suffering from any symptoms. 3. Contact Tracing You must keep an accurate list of who has been in the office each day so that if one of your employees tests positive you can inform others that were in the office on the same day. A lot of small companies use a spreadsheet for this, but it can quickly get unwieldily if you have more than 20 employees. So I'd recommend using a dedicated tool for this. But I'd love to hear what you are doing, what are you asking in your health surveys? Anything that I've missed from the above?
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