# community-discussion

Lucille Joffre - Officely Community Manager

11/01/2022, 4:20 PM
Hi all! I am looking for some tips on how to make remote employees feel included 🤗 If you have teammates working mostly remotely I would be super interested to know about your experience on the matter and what you do to include them, here is what I found so far: • Scheduling regular informal team meetings, so it’s not always all work no play. • Making sure your remote teammates have a dedicated workspace at home, providing them with a home office setup, and checking with them if it needs to be revamped after a while. • Checking on your teammates to make sure they unplug from work, you can plan a coffee break call, or make sure to tell them to log off when the working day is over Have any of you found the above useful, or is there anything else you do?