hey officely, i've got a few questions in terms of...
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hey officely, i've got a few questions in terms of the data we can pull from insights. i've exported the data to a csv so my Operations team can have visibility and we can see who isn't coming in / isn't doing enough days - our current policy is 3 days in a week. when exporting the data, i can get the number of days someone has been in this week, four week total, and then a four week average. if i take one of my employees who is in everyday, for example - she has been in 20 days in the last four weeks, however her four week average is 13.08. where does that second number come from? ideally, for us, we would be able to navigate the insights board to show us the highest attendees and lowest attendees, and the average over a 5 day working week for that month (ideally per month - i.e. january, rather than the last 4 weeks) 🙂 thanks so much for the insights data already though - it's super useful in terms of us managing and prepping resource and space for our teams, and the new data tab makes it soo easy. thanks!!
Hey @Bella thanks so much for sending this through! The 4 weekly average only looks at the last 4 full weeks - so perhaps there's a week at the start or end of that window that doesn't quite match up with the normal 5 days. Right now, the dashboard focuses primarily on trends but we're currently in the process of improving export functionality and overall data flexibility - so watch this space! 🤩