Anyone else based in NYC and see the private secto...
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Anyone else based in NYC and see the private sector vaccine mandate announcement this morning? Does anyone use any software tools to track vaccinations? 👀 Officely add on? 😉
we have collected our vaccine certificates for german based staff (their mandate came in a few weeks ago) via our HR system - it's a bit clunky though. will likely do the same for the US staff! if there was an officely feature for this, that would be great, as it could mean we could get guests to submit theirs before arrival, or a picture of their negative test... 👀
Hey @Danielle Brill & @Bella we do have a feature for this!
This article will show you how 🤩
(although this doesn't cover guests currently)
Thanks! I think we're going to need something more formal where (someone) is verifying their vaccine certificates are valid, for the government mandate - I think our payroll company is going to be able to handle for us though! Not that I think any of our employees have fake cards, but I think we're going to have to be a bit more regulated starting Dec 27 per yesterday's announcement
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Thanks for letting us know @Danielle Brill, what payroll company are you currently using for this if you don't mind me asking?
TriNet (although we haven't had the most amazing experience -- we started working with them in 2019 and had a dedicated account manager and it was a good experience, but understand they eliminated those roles during the pandemic, so now it's a bit messy on most issues)
but they are better than ADP
Thanks so much @Danielle Brill
trinet is quite antiquated imo. have you checked out Justworks as a PEO?
Also, I believe Envoy has a great module to collect vaccination info for visitors, vendors, and employees as does Eden health