# community-discussion

Allie Kamin

02/18/2022, 7:14 PM
This isn't officely related, but curious if any smaller companies can weigh in on PEOs. My company is looking to switch from JustWorks and evaluating vensure and Seqouia. Thanks for any insight!

Emily Muhl

02/18/2022, 8:11 PM
Hey Allie! I actually have a lot of experience with PEOs as I evaluated a ton when I was VP of People at BarkBox. What exactly is driving you from Justworks
and/or what are you looking for? that will help inform this question a ton.

Allie Kamin

03/04/2022, 8:55 PM
Can't believe I missed this @Emily Muhl
Honestly - JustWorks is supremely lacking in that their account reps are basically just customer service (no HR background) so always direct us to seek counsel for questions there. They have no app so employees hate logging into desktop to get payroll/benefits info, just overall looking for a better employee/admin experience

Britney Pierini

03/10/2022, 1:40 PM
I have moved to Sequoia from JustWorks and Gusto. Sequoia is hands down the best fort he employee experience and supporting HR in all of the laws and compliance. The payroll side leaves a bit to be desired but I know they are actively working on streamlining that a lot more.

Allie Kamin

03/10/2022, 2:38 PM
@Britney Pierini Interesting, mind sharing more details on what issues you've had on the payroll side? Also, how many EEs are you? I heard something very concerning from a former Seqouia employee who said that they are very rigid on their demographics where if you're company has a lot of medical claims or issues they'll drop you after a year by making the renewal so expensive that they force you off which has me worried.