Hoping to find metrics on Workplace + Facilities i...
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Hoping to find metrics on Workplace + Facilities if anyone has their own experience or data to share, that would be so appreciated! 1. If you are keeping office space, did you keep what you have? downsize? redesign and/or expand? 2. For those fully remote, are you providing any options for employees to get together for collaboration and socialization in person? 3. If you are in an office space, what are you seeing the space used for - day to day work? socialization and events? Team meetings/collaboration/training sessions?
Hi Britney! In case any of this is helpful (Note: my company is smaller, ~55 FTE, primarily based NYC area) • We downsized and subletted our office completely. We ARE offering coworking memberships to NYC based folks if they want, completely optional. I'd say we're saving 60K a month plus the salary of a receptionist/office manager (although a lot of other issues remotely that are now on my plate and it's not ideal - at some point we will probably need a PT Community Associate to cover this workload so take that for what it's worth!). Our coworking spend is btw 10-15K a month (still say overall we're saving about 60K) • We were going to do a full team in person NYC event (2-3 days) and cover travel/etc but with Omicron decided to hold off - hopefully this can happen March/April. SOME teams are meeting in person at the coworking spaces regularly but it's totally up to them to decide and completely optional if people don't feel safe. They always have a virtual component for folks unable to join in person • Coworking space use - we have a small number (5?) that use it every weekday - live in small apartments, with roommates, kids, etc and need a more productive work environment. Some (20-30 ppl) use it 1-2. Most (30) are not using it at all, but a portion of those people do not live close enough to use it. We are doing some virtual socialization (optional) through donut meet ups and bi-weekly happy hours, we try to mix up the later with just silly online games (scattergories, quiplash, etc) and alternate with activities (cooking competitions/classes, scavenger hunts, special guest speakers, virtual escape rooms, etc)
We are just implementing CultureAmp to help us with trainings -- we have a lot of work to do there 🙂
@Danielle Brill how are you organizing the in-person event? Are you doing all the travel admin in house or working with someone external?
@Britney Pierini we do team/company meetups every ~8 weeks where we bring people into HQ. Found it’s best for building team cohesion
@Danielle Brill We are also working with Culture AMP, what kind of tranings are you going to do with that tool?
@Stephen Grabowski will probably use a travel agent (I have one I've used in the past) and everyone will coordinate with her on what works best and she will book on our corporate card. She charges ~ $25 a booking and then helps if there are any cancellations/changes so people aren't on hold with an airline for half a day
@Anouk Schilder we are just kicking off this week so I don't know yet but the Skills Coach (little quick sessions) seemed like something that our team would use (vs half/full day sessions)