# community-discussion

Anouk Schilder

01/12/2022, 12:04 PM
Hi all, , I have a question, to connect people in the current Covid-19 situation we created an Intranet. Now I would like to bring this Intranet to life and I was wondering if there are some inspirational groups (maybe on LinkedIn) where I can find some inspiration/idea's for things to share. I am curious if anyone of you is taking the lead on an intranet and maybe we can inspire each other.

Lucian Collier

02/02/2022, 9:02 PM
Hi @Anouk Schilder. We've just implemented our own intranet, and I'm responsible for improving and maintaining it. Would definitely love to connect and chat on idea and inspiration. Our adoption rate has been pretty slow/non-existent. Getting people to transition to the platform has been hard, not least because our platform itself is a little... slow..
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We're using Jive, for context.