A rogue one... but has anyone been successful with...
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A rogue one... but has anyone been successful with a virtual festive party? or virtual events at all! would love to know... ☺️
I attended one last year and it was so much fun! They got a magician to perform some tricks and sent everyone a package with some Prosecco, balloons and confetti and got some people to give a speech, it was awesome!
^^ we had a mentalist last year perform who was awesome. Here's his site: https://www.davidrosenfeldmagic.com/ This year we did a virtual escape the room (that I really enjoyed and I think others did as well) https://www.reelivate.com/c/16-escape-games/ Both years we sent "treat" boxes - last year Milk Bar, this year: www.theverybestcookieinthewholewideworld.com
will note last year we were at about 40 people and this year 60, in case thats helpful. Once you get into those numbers you kinda need to set up breakout rooms otherwise everyone just talks over each other (IMO!)
Last year we did a virtual Mixology Class. Seem to go down well.
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