Curious how people are building out their office m...
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Curious how people are building out their office management/workplace teams in this new hybrid work model? I still currently have the traditional team of local office managers (called workplace experience managers) and then myself as the director. Though I am finding that I don't need real office managers rather I need more vendor like support when it comes to the day to day office stuff like cleaning/stocking etc. We were considering revamping the structure of my team and I'd be curious if anyone else has done that?
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Love this, great question Britney!
hi again! I’ve been working with many companies on restructuring their workplace orgs to grow with the future visions of the workplace.
I agree that structures are changing
We are in a similar boat - our office manager decided to move a week before the pandemic started, so we stalled on hiring, and a bunch of crap has fallen to me. I hired a temp to do 25 hrs/week Sept-November but it wasn't working out so am looking for someone else to start in January but debating the best scenario. It's definitely not a full time role but it seems to be murphy's law that the emergencies come up when they are not working 😬
It is an arse for sure! I hired a part timer 15 hours a week / 3 days when most folk are in Tues-Thurs but Monday and Friday issues fall on my shoulders which is annoying. Looking at finding vendors to do stuff like Blue Tiger for snacks, Hufy for IT, someone else to ship Swag etc and then getting someone in a few hours each day to deal with onsite stuff. But now we are working from home again, it is all change once more!
Am very happy with - you can have all your vendors in one platform or only some but the best part is that you can have a person come in down to 2-3 hours/per day
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oooh this service looks amazing! Wondering if I can find something similar in the US
@Jane Layberry @Danielle Brill of course things happen when someone isn't in or OOO...dealing with the same! I live remotely from all of our offices, so I have definitely had times where I am rushing to find a service to go pick something up for me and drop off at the office or order lunches for execs. We are currently open in four locations, but only two are large enough for a FTE. I have three other locations I might get part time support, but managing that many people and schedules doesn't sound like fun. I haven't had success with vendors, many US ones won't provide service unless we can guarantee a certain spend. Which is super frustrating because no one can predict spend when schedules are no longer predictable and you can't control when people are in or out.
Funny enough there was a company similar to this called Managed by Q and it got bought / sold / merged I guess and is now Eden workplace ... and sounds like they are offering IT / office management type support
actually looks like it's just service management for IT and office managers not real live people
They used to provide real people, now I think its just software