I'm curious how you all have been keeping your sta...
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I'm curious how you all have been keeping your staff connected while working remotely? Our organization has grown considerably since April 2020 and many of our staff have never met each other in person. If they're not on the same teams many don't even have contact with each other via slack, zoom, etc. We used to have a very friendly office where spontaneous collaboration could happen. Due to the new office model and a larger team our culture will never be what it was before but we're not sure how to create a connected culture moving forward. I'm trying to avoid remote versions of workplace events as no one is very enthused about those.
Hey @Amanda, have you tried Donut? That's a great way for new people to meet and get to know each other within your org.
Yes I would also second Donut too!
We also use Donut - would strongly recommend looking into it!