Hi all, we've been looking into how often people a...
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Hi all, we've been looking into how often people are returning to the office. Interestingly we've found the biggest driver is your job title. Sales people are top of the tree going in 2.4 times on average per week. That's not a huge surprise given the role is characterised by high amounts of collaboration and extroverted individuals. Whereas our bosses are leading from behind. People in leadership positions are in just 1.9 days a week. Which must be very nice.  At the bottom of the scale, are the support team. Again, no surprise there. Most support and customer service roles can easily be done from home and are only going in 1.9 times a week.  The difference between 1.9 days a week and 2.4 might not sound like much, but over the course of a year that's an extra month in the office. So if you're a salesperson who's fallen in love with working from home, it might be time for a career change.
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Interesting! And, I think, pretty much reflected in our business.