Just a thought but could we make the "reminder to ...
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Just a thought but could we make the "reminder to book your time in the office next week" a Monday morning thing vs a Friday afternoon thing? my team is so checked out by Fridays and I am finding that people have been forgetting to sign up. I might put a big sign on our front door asking people if they've checked into Officely yet 🙄
How do you set up a reminder for staff to book themselves in?
Is this a feature?? I only get the notice of what days I'm booked in. This would be really helpful. I'm struggling to get people to book in too.
I get a reminder from Officely every Friday afternoon
it looks like this:
Hey! Every office gets a Friday reminder unless you mute it in 'your prefferences'
@Danielle Brill I hear you, I'll pass on your feedback as a feature request 🤩
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@Vicky & @Laura Barry we have an automatic reminder that gets sent out every Friday it serves as a reminder for employees to book in (you should be able to find it in your messages tab) let me know if you can't see it. Also if you don't see it it may be muted in 'your preferences' settings