Hey everyone :wave: How’s your day going? As you ...
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Hey everyone 👋 How’s your day going? As you may have noticed I’ve recently joined to help build this community and I wanted to share my vision of what I hope it will become. We want Hybrid Heroes to be the place you come to learn and share tips and tricks about how to make hybrid work, work. We’ve all been thrown into this huge change in how our companies fundamentally operate. We’re expected to know how to encourage office attendance, create a vibrant hybrid culture and make everyone feel included, even if they are working from home. In reality, we are all learning how to operate this system as we go. We want to be here to help you connect with other people facing the same challenges and help each other overcome them 🚀 As part of this vision, moving forward, we will be introducing: • Tips and tricks on Hybrid Working • Local channels for helpful Office Management tips • Discussions on employee wellbeing and office best practices • A mentoring program for those who recently started a position in Office Management (please let me know if you’d like to be a mentee or mentor) • Anonymous questions (privately DM me with all those questions you don’t want to ask publicly and I will post them on your behalf) • Officely feature demos, to give you an even better Officely experience But ultimately this community is for you, so if you have any other ideas, feel free to let me know 🤗
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