Hi everyone - what does the number on this chart r...
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Hi everyone - what does the number on this chart relate to?
Hey @Rob Long thanks so much for sending this through! Let me look into this and get back to you as soon as I have some info 🙏
Hey @Rob Long this chart currently shows the total number of bookings you've had for each weekday during the last 30 days. However, we will shortly be changing it to show the average bookings for each weekday and offer you customisable date pickers.
Is there any other data that would be useful to see here?
haha brilliant, I was only thinking this morning that I'd like to see the average per day for a given time period and sent it through the feedback widget. lovely stuff 🙂
I'd like to see trends as well as the snapshot numbers. To answer questions like "Are more people coming into the office over time?" I can get that by comparing two numbers with date pickers but the trend chart would be helpful to skip a step in answering the question
thank you
Thanks so much for the feedback Rob! Yes you'll be able to answer that question with the new format. Looking forward to showing it to you when it's ready.
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